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It is easy to enroll as a student with Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council.  We offer basic education programs for adults, including GED preparation and learning how to read and write. Before you take the first step, please take a moment to visit GPLC's Our Programs  page so that you will know which services interest you.

The first step is to call our Main Office at: (412) 393-7600.  Our helpful staff member will ask you a few questions about where you live, how you found GPLC, and when you are available to come to class.  Please tell him whether you would like to attend class in downtown Pittsburgh or if you prefer to have a class or tutoring in your neighborhood.

Then he will share the orientation meeting schedule with you. We have these in different locations at different times of the day.  During the orientation, a staff member will tell you what GPLC can offer you and what we will expect from you as a student.

After that, a coordinator will call you to schedule your assessment. We do a thorough assessment so we can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Then we create a learning plan that is just right for you and assign the books and materials that will help you best.

As soon as you finish the assessment, your coordinator will begin the process of matching you with a tutor or placing you in a small class. 

There is no cost to you as a student in our program, unless you wish to make a donation to help pay for the books you will use. Donations are always welcome.

GPLC is a non-profit organization committed to adult and family education. We want to make our literacy programs available to members of the community who may not have had the opportunity to receive a full education earlier in life. Our goal is to help adults and their families improve their lives through the power of literacy. Literacy training can improve many aspects of a person’s life, such as finding a job, paying bills, reading food labels, and understanding prescriptions.  It also allows our students to help their children with schoolwork and to raise educated children.

If you are a person who wants to improve your skills in reading, writing, math, or English, you should call Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council today.

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